Most news outlets seem to have missed the most important bit of Prince Harry's statement - duties and greater good. 

If everyone was less busy claiming that no one wants to be queen or king, they would’ve heard that there WILL BE a new king or queen as soon as time calls. As soon as necessity calls. As soon as duty calls.

This made me think - obviously on a much lesser scale - of the next generation in a family business; you’re born into it, you can’t really quit your family and your stakeholders would not be too happy if you walked away. There is always, across the  generations, a feeling of duty and responsibility to actively contribute to the business’ continuity.

But, and this is where family businesses have it easier than Prince Harry, stepping up when duty calls does not necessarily mean being catapulted to CEO of a 3rd generation multi-million-revenue family business. In this case, “duty” can mean to ensure that the company has the right structure, tools and people to go forward successfully. 

Dutiful ownership doesn’t necessarily mean working in the business; one can follow his or her path completely outside the family business, but still ensure that it’s sailing in the right direction.