I am a big fan of Gary Vee (Gary Vaynerchuk). If you are not familiar with his story check out his YouTube, Twitter or FaceBook pages. 

In essence he took his family business and transformed it using YouTube (before it became mainstream) and uses his knowledge and incredible work ethic to build and grow businesses. 

In this video he is joined by his Dad, Sasha. An immigrant who took on his Dad's cousins wine business, which became the platform from which Gary could launch from. This needed support and we hear in the video how Sasha wrote out a cheque from his personal bank account of nearly $200k to pay for some advertising that Gary had a hunch would work out..... as on most occasions, Gary was right! 

We also hear why Gary was fired from the business (albeit temporarily) and Gary and Sasha answer calls from other family businesses. 

Well worth the watch!